Year-End Tax Letter 2018

January 2, 2019

We trust 2018 was a safe and prosperous year for all of you! Of course it is that time of year again when we have to begin gathering our tax documents for the annual ritual of filing our tax return. Hopefully by now you are all aware of the major tax reform bill in effect for the 2018 tax year. We have sent several letters, blogs and email blasts throughout the year in an effort to better inform you. If you missed them, you may refer to our blogs above.

We look forward to helping you with your income tax preparation for the 2018 tax year. As we continue to utilize technology, you still have your own secure client web account accessible through our website for you to upload your tax documents, as well as view, print and save your tax returns when they are complete.

Please login to your secure client web account on our website, then choose Client Center > Client Login to print your tax organizer. If you are a new client, or in the past you’ve received a paper organizer, those will be mailed to you shortly. If you need help printing your organizer from the website, please email Julie Cummins at or call her at 614.854.9000 ext. 204. Note: Your password must be changed every 90 days, so you may encounter a change prompt. Once you are logged in, you will find the organizer if you choose the folder with your name on the left, and the 2018 tax folder in the center of the screen. The main thing we want you to complete is the questionnaire section, the remainder of the organizer is meant to help you remember what items to look for that you had last year. Please use blue or black ink when writing in the organizer. We scan all documents in our system and many times pencil, or red pen, does not show up well after it is scanned.

Please also provide us with all tax source documents (i.e. Forms W-2, 1099, 1098, 1095, etc.) along with the organizer. In your secure client web account, you may securely upload documents to us by using File Exchange (on the left above your folder name) > Document Exchange > Upload. As you know, regular email is not secure so please use the File Exchange to upload any sensitive data. We must have the information in our office no later than March 16, 2019. Your cooperation is sincerely appreciated.

If there are specific forms for a small business proprietorship or rental properties, you can obtain blank forms on our website:

1. Select Client Resources > Client Forms
2. Scroll down, then print and complete the Organizer pages that fit your specific needs
3. Scan and upload to your secure client web account, fax, mail, or drop it off at the office along with your supporting documents.

If you need to schedule a tax meeting, please select the Appointment button on our website, or you may email Julie at or call 614.854.9000 ext. 204. Our appointment days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday through February 28th; and Monday and Friday through March 16th. Our last office appointment will be March 16, 2019. Most people don’t need an appointment to have their tax returns prepared by us. We can serve you better by calling or emailing while in the working process once we have an in-depth knowledge of your current year tax situation.

As in the past, we will be filing all Federal and State tax returns electronically this year. Some City returns cannot be filed electronically, so we will print and assemble the paper copy for you to mail. We will not submit your tax returns electronically until we have the signed authorization form (Form 8879) from you and payment for our services. For payment, you may mail a check to our office, go to our website and select Make a Payment to pay with a credit card.

By now you should have received a letter regarding the Mattison Yoder Assurance Plan, which was mailed on December 17th, 2018. If you have not received the letter and want more information regarding the program, please call us.

We look forward to working with you this tax season.

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