Online Client Organizer

January 5, 2016

Your Client Organizer is the important first step in analyzing your tax position for the year. Our online version is designed to help you quickly and conveniently provide us with critical information to maximize your deductions and minimize the hassles.
Here is how to access yours:

Follow the steps below to access and print your 2015 tax organizer via our Client Center at

Step 1: Login

1. Go to
2. In the Client Center, select Client Login
3. Enter Username and Password (supplied to you with your 2014 tax return). If you need help with your Username – please contact Christina at or 614.854.9000 x 206 Select ‘forgot password’ if you no longer have your password.
4. Click Login

Step 2: Select and Print

1. Select Your name on the left and open the Tax Returns Folder, then select 12-31-15.
2. Click on the Client Organizer and Print.

Step 3: Deliver

1. Gather your source documents and deliver to the office


Scan and Upload them, along with your organizer, using ‘File Exchange’.

We are aware that not everyone is comfortable with computers or has internet access. To request an organizer be mailed to you, contact Christina at 614.854.9000 ext. 206. If you requested a paper tax organizer for 2014, you will be receiving a 2015 organizer in the mail within the next week.

When your tax data has been assembled, please deliver to our office at your earliest convenience. To assure that your tax return will be completed by the deadline (April 15, 2016), we must have the information in our office no later than March 15, 2016. Your cooperation is sincerely appreciated.

Our appointment days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday through February 26th; Monday and Friday through March 14th. Our last office appointment will be March 14, 2016. If you need an appointment, please call and speak to Christina at extension 206 to schedule before March 1st. Most people don’t need an appointment to have their tax returns prepared by us. We have found that we can serve you better by calling, faxing or emailing you while in the working process once we have an in-depth knowledge of your current year tax situation.

We will be filing all Federal and State tax returns electronically this year. Most City returns, with the exception of RITA and a few select others, cannot be filed electronically so we will print and assemble the paper copy for you to mail in. A copy of all your tax returns will be available on your personal secure online account to view, print or save in pdf format. The login information will be the same as noted earlier.

We will not submit your tax returns electronically until we have the signed authorization form (Form 8879) from you and payment for our services. You can mail a check to our office for payment or go to our website and select Pay Our Fee to pay with a credit card.

We look forward to working with you again this tax season.


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