Form 1095

February 12, 2016

Recently you may have received an email from us concerning the importance of getting your tax documents to us by March 15, 2016 in order to file your 1040 Individual Income Tax return by the April deadline. However, many of you have not received the Form 1095 with regard to your Health Care Coverage. Please be aware, if you have Medicare coverage, you will not receive the Form 1095. In addition, the IRS has extended the deadline for the form to be mailed to you this year. The form is not required to be mailed until March 31, 2016 (the initial deadline was January 31, 2016). Many employers and insurance companies are taking advantage of the extension. Obviously, the extension presents a problem with getting all your forms to us on time.

As a result, we have received many calls regarding whether or not to wait for the Form 1095 prior to sending the other documents to us. We ask that you DO NOT WAIT. Instead, please paste the below link in your internet browser and complete the form and send it to us in lieu of the Form 1095.  When you do receive the 1095, please then forward it to us as well.

If you have questions , please contact our office.


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