2014 Tax Filing

January 31, 2014

Tax season is here again. The IRS will start to accept tax returns this weekend.

One ritual of the tax preparation process is the Tax Organizer. Many times clients feel the tax organizer is a complete waste of time and honestly it is for some people. Our firm does not require you to complete the organizer, but we do feel it helps if you review it to alert you to missing items or items that could provide additional deductions. You received an email a few weeks ago with the various ways to access your personalized tax organizer. You can also access a generic organizer on our website under Client Resources. If you need an organizer mailed to you, please contact Christina at 614.854.9000 ext. 206.

As part of the tax preparation process, we still require copies of the actual documents (W-2’s,1099’s, Mortgage Interest, Charity, etc.) in order to create a document file that supports the figures listed on your return.

When your tax data has been assembled, please forward to our office at your earliest convenience. To assure that your tax return will be completed by the deadline (April 15, 2014), we must have the information in our office no later than March 15, 2014. Your cooperation is sincerely appreciated.

Our appointment days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday through March 1st; Monday and Friday through March 14th. Our last office appointment will be March 14, 2014. If you need an appointment, please call and speak to Christina at extension 206 to schedule before March 1st. Most people don’t need an appointment to have their tax returns prepared by us. We have found that we can serve you better by calling, faxing or emailing you while in the working process once we have an in-depth knowledge of your current year tax situation.

We will be filing all Federal and State tax returns electronically this year. Most City returns, with the exception of RITA and a few select others, cannot be filed electronically so we will print and assemble the paper copy for you to mail in. A copy of all your tax returns will be available on your personal secure online account to view, print or save in .pdf format.

We will not submit your tax returns electronically until we have the signed authorization form from you and payment for our services. You can mail a check to our office for payment or go to our website and select Pay Our Fee to pay with a credit card.

We look forward to working with you again this tax season.

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