1040 Year-End Checklist

December 22, 2014

Tax filings are right around the corner and soon you may begin receiving important tax documents at home. Below is a summary list of things to be looking for, or to begin gathering for us.

Forms to watch for:

  • Form W-2 Reporting of wage income from your Employer
  • Form 1099-DIV Dividend Income
  • Form 1099-INT Interest Income
  • Form 1099-MISC Self Employment Income or other Miscellaneous Income
  • Form 1099-SSA Social Security Income
  • Form 1099-B Brokerage Trades in Stocks and Bonds
  • Form 1099-C Debt Cancellation
  • Form 1099-G State Tax Refunds and Unemployment Compensation
  • Form 1099-R Retirement Plan Distributions
  • Form 1098 Mortgage Interest
  • Form 1098-C Donations of Auto, Boat or Aircraft
  • Form 1098-E Student Loan Interest
  • Form 1098-T Tuition Statement
  • Form 1095-A, B or C Health Insurance Coverage Reporting
  • Form 5498-SA HSA/Archer MSA, or MSA (Medicare Advantage)
  • Form K-1 Income from a Partnership, S-Corp, or Trust

Other categories for which you may need to prepare and provide details:

  • Cash Donations
  • Non-Cash Donations (donations which total over $500 require details)
  • IRA Contributions
  • Out of Pocket Moving Expenses
  • College Expenses
  • Real Estate Taxes Paid
  • Mortgage Interest if no 1098 is received
  • Out of Pocket Medical/Dental Expenses
  • Proof of Health Insurance Exemption (if needed)

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